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Our expertise in Advanced Threat Intelligence sets us apart in our ability to identify KNOWN GOOD versus KNOWN BAD activity on any network.

Knowing and understanding the difference is critical to filtering through the noise and keeping up to speed on what is happening. We provide organizations with the tools they need to foresee potential risks to their networks so they can identify and protect themselves from the types of attacks that could do the most damage.

Arc4dia Trusted Hunting Partners (THP)

Arc4dia THP program is an ideal partnership option for accomplished cybersecurity solution providers. THP partners are granted an exclusive free access to Arc4dia’s preemptive malware detection system, SNOW. It is an invaluable asset to help THP conduct in-depth risk assessment and incident response for their clients. Arc4dia and our partners both make the most of THP experience and successfully develop comprehensive security solutions via SNOW.

Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Expand your research and business development ideas
  • Keep informed about the latest cyber threats to stay ahead
  • Empower your institution with SNOW to develop comprehensive incident response solutions for your clients
  • Upgrade your technical resources and channels to reach high profile clients
  • Learn with us and augment your technical knowledge and global malware awareness

What Our Current Partners Have To Say About Us

Santiago Crespo Guillén, Managing Director

Outstanding knowledge and technology. Arc4dia takes it to the next level and are a pleasure to work with.

Shaun Covell, President

Arc4dia has a unique and novel technology coupled with years of experience that none can match. Their team are examplars of cyber investigation and defence. SNOW provides surgical insight into indicators of compromise and allows rapid identification of the incident

John Phillips, Cofounder

Within the increasingly complex information environments we operate in, the ability to detect and identify adversaries within the resident noise of the environment is difficult, SNOW provides Loki Labs with rapid insight at the point of compromise to quickly identify patient zero within an infection at a micro level and rapidly gain situational understanding of the scope and scale of an infection through macro level analysis. In addition, we have the ability to perform and execute response actions through the SNOW interface allowing for frictionless threat detection and response. Across current endpoint detection response suites SNOW is a best of breed solution for end-to-end threat characterization and remediation